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Liu Xiuping was made an honorary chieftain in Ghana for his contribution to the local community. 

For Liu Xiuping coming to Africa has been a series of trials and triumphs. The 44-year-old has spent more than a decade in the continent and during that time has experienced the highs of career success and being made an honorary chieftain. Liu was in charge of construction for Ghana's Bui hydroelectric project, a 400-megawatt hydroelectric power station located in northern Ghana,  the second-largest hydropower station in the country after the Akosombo station. SINOHYDRO was responsible for all construction work and technical support. Ghanaian engineers  received training in China for three months followed by a one-month of on-site training.

Liu tightened the management of local employees and invited a team of Pakistani workers to Ghana, all of whom had been employed by Sinohydro's Pakistan branch for at least seven years. The Chinese company provided an independent camp for the Pakistani workers including bath and prayer rooms, and hired three Muslim chefs to take care of their diet. The Pakistani workers was part of a long-term strategy to improve the company's operations in Africa, but a talent pool of African employees is also being developed that Sinohydro hopes will provide workers for future projects across the continent.
During busy periods, the Bui project had 1,800 Ghanaians, 320 Chinese and 150 Pakistanis working on site.
To relocation of local residents in the area of the dam took place, Sinohydro helped to build a new residential area including 212 houses, a primary school, kindergarten, clinic, church and community center. The company brought over six doctors and nurses from China and hired five Ghanaian nurses to work at the clinic, which offers free medical care.

For his contribution to the community Liu was made an honorary chieftain in September 2011

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