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All 1,476 houses handed over in Algeria

2023-11-27 11:04:00
The final batch of 126 houses in the Guelma Housing Project, undertaken by SINOHYDRO, was officially handed over in Algeria on Nov 18, marking the completion and handover of all the project with 1,476 houses.
The Guelma Housing Project is located in Guelma Province in northeastern Algeria. It is a government-sponsored affordable housing project and very important to the local community, aimed at addressing housing-related challenges faced by the province's low-income residents.
The 1,476 houses have a total residential area of 102,900 square meters and a construction area of approximately 155,900 square meters. The new houses will increase the housing supply for local residents and improve the overall quality of residential housing.
During the construction process, SINOHYDRO was undaunted by the challenges it faced and ensured that the project was carried both safely with a high quality. It received commendations from various parties.
The Chinese Embassy in Algeria expressed gratitude to SINOHYDRO's employees working on the frontline, thanking them for their contributions.
During an inspection of the construction site, the Governor of Guelma Province highly praised SINOHYDRO's management capabilities and construction quality, expressing appreciation for the company's contributions to the local community.
SINOHYDRO handed over the houses in three phases, respectively in November 2021, December 2021, and July 2023. This most recent handover not only marks the completion of the 1,476 houses but also provides high-quality housing for nearly 8,000 local residents, showcasing SINOHYDRO's commitment to fulfilling its social responsibilities overseas.
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