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Message from the Chairman

SINOHYDRO is committed to creating value on a long-term basis by working with our customers, partners and local communities toward shared goals. Meanwhile, in support of corporate development, we will continue investing in our industrial assets to strengthen and improve our expertise and technology in the growing energy markets.

SINOHYDRO was established in China as a state-owned hydropower project contractor during the 1950s. Nevertheless, with foresight and prudent decision-making on strategy,  SINOHYDRO continues extending and  its business lines along the construction chain. 
SINOHYDRO is a driving force behind China’s industrial development, playing a leading role in enterprise technical innovations, management system reforms and international business development.
Our 130,000 employees make up a versatile professional team providing one-stop services of financing, engineering, purchasing, implementation and operation of projects of power, water conservancy, transport infrastructure and civil works such as public/private buildings or facilities that comprise key points of local economic development.

The underlying trends of emerging economies are urban development, including a growing need for transportation infrastructure and energy resources. We believe these trends will open up business opportunities over the long term. During the past half-century of operation, our business strategy has focused on high-growth sectors of energy and transport infrastructures. At the moment, SINOHYDRO has projects under construction in more than 80 countries in Asia, Africa and America, with prospective new markets in Eastern Europe.

While inheriting the Chinese millenarian tradition for controlling water, SINOHYDRO loyally carries forward Chinese philosophy to pursue growth with a determined focus on people and harmony. We faithfully hold that our core values of reliability and innovation are crucial in achieving sustainable growth by balancing the challenges between economic development and environmental protection. With the vision of becoming a world market leader, we practice long-term economic and social responsibility.

SINOHYDRO appreciates and greatly values the trust, assistance and cooperation of our clients and partners, both at home and abroad: These add to the strength for our success. We wish to express our sincere thanks for the confidence you have shown in choosing SINOHYDRO as your ally for win-win cooperation.

Looking toward the future, we will continue embracing the challenges of globalization, taking further steps in the international marketplace. We look forward to wider collaboration with all our customers and partners on a basis of mutual understanding, win-win solutions and co-development. For SINOHYDRO, the future is full of opportunity and risk, yet the idea of "building a sustainable world" is always kept in mind.