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Talent Management
The goal of our human resource policy is career development for our employees, ensuring the professional advancement of the SINOHYDRO team by offering personalized training. Our cross-divisional synergies make it possible to share training resources within the Group and provide training programs when new skills are needed. Further, the growing SINOHYDRO international business trains a new generation of worksite managers and operational managers in the management of complex projects.
QHSE Management
Quality, Occupation Health and Safety, Environmental Protection (QHSE) are each managed according the ISO 9001, 140001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, respectively. A QHSE Department created at the SINOHYDRO Group level coordinates and improves the management within the various entities.
2014 Health & Safety Master Plan Objectives
The main strategic lines reflecting SINOHYDRO commitment to improving health and safety conditions  are:   
- Reduce the accident rate and days lost due to accidents in all business sectors, with the ultimate goal of “zero accident”
- Guarantee optimum HSE management in line with recognized standards, including all projects activities

Risk Management
-Set up complete risk control regulations

-Set up emergency plan for:
    -Terrorist Incidents
    -Significant Quality & Safety Incidents/Accidents
    -Natural Disasters
    -Contractual Incidents

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