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Limiting the environmental impact of our business activities
We continue to develop and implement an environmental management system in compliance with the requirements stated by ISO 14001.
 Observed at all SINOHYDRO construction sites, our environmental standards give priority to:
·         Waste management.
·         Hazardous products.
·         Noise nuisance.
·         Air and aquatic environment.
·         Biodiversity.
·         Energy consumption.
·         Cleanliness and storage.
·         Communication.
·         Emergency situations.

Preserving biodiversity
Environmental protection has risen to be a priority, and SINOHYDRO’s goal is reaching this objective by:
·         Addressing environmental impacts assessments (EIA).
·         Paying attention to ecosystems (wetlands, habitats of threatened species).
·         Protecting World Heritage areas.
·         Restoring disturbed areas in a timely manner.

Our best practices
Mangrove transplantation in Lusail development
Construction of Merowe dam in Sudan
SINOHYDRO carried out Biogas Development for the Dam Affected Village in Laos
SINOHYDRO is a Platinum Sponsor of International Hydropower Association (IHA).
• Creation of a training center in Gabon for local electronic technicians.

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