Ecuador, CCS hydropower plant’s water diversion tunnel

2015-07-06 13:38:32
On April 7, CCS hydropower plant has achieved two major milestones: assembling of the rotor at the No. 2 generator set and the completion of 24.8 km’s water diversion tunnel. The Vice President of Ecuador attends the ceremony with over 60 politicians and other people of all circles, including ambassadors of Russia, Canada, Italy and Chile. The total length of the water diversion tunnel is 24.8 km, and the TBM section is 9.1 m. It is made in two parts: TBM1 and TBM2. During the excavation of TBM1, the maximum daily drilling footage is 43.2m, the maximum weekly drilling footage is 264.6m, and the maximum monthly drilling footage is 1059m, which ranks the 3rd in the world. After power generation of CCS project, clean energy will replace oil energy. The construction of the project will not only offer plenty of jobs for the local population, but also input advanced technology for Ecuador.
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