World hydropower Congress, Beijing, May 19-21 2015

2015-07-06 13:35:24
For the first time China is hosting the World Hydropower Congress. Taking place in Huairou, in the beautiful landscape of Yanqi Lake complex, 800 personalities from 60 countries, representative from government, industries, academy, social community and the financial sectors met and discussed during three days, the foundations for a sustainable development of hydropower.  The Congress was organized by the International Hydropower Association which has played a leadership role with the implementation of the Sustainability Protocol. The making of the congress got the contribution of the co-organizers: the China Society for Hydropower Engineering, China Three Gorges Corporation, China National Committee on Large Dams and China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower research and sponsors including PowerChina. The opening ceremony focused on China one of the most influential actors in the sector today. Mr Yan Zhiyong President of PowerChina was one of the session panelists and exposed the challenges over the next decades. Different sessions aimed to identify the key trends in Hydropower as the increasing interconnection, the renewable synergies, the conservation compatible with hydropower development, the new sources of financing and investment. Mr Zhou Jiaping, Chief Engineer, PowerChina during the session Development vs sustainability attempted to identify the factors that enable development to proceed rapidly yet sustainably. MrLiu Fengqiu. SINOHYDRO Chief Engineer and Africa Department Mr Wang Qinghuai were present during the three days of the Congress meeting personalities from Pakistan, Madagascar, Ghana, Sarawak (Malaysia). The diversity of voices represented at the congress was a reflection of the growing number of parties engaged in the sustainable development of hydropower.
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