Completion Ceremony of Al-Roseires Dam Heightening Project Held

2013-03-27 16:32:16
On Jan. 1, 2013, the completion ceremony of Al-Roseires Dam Heightening Project was held. Attending the event were Sudan’s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, Somalia’s President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Chinese ambassador to Sudan Mr. Luo Xiaoguang, local officials, SINOHYDRO representatives and project principals.
Al-Roseires Dam Heightening Project is located on the Blue Nile at Ad Damazin, just upstream from the town of Al-Roseires, Sudan. After the heightening construction, Al-Roseires Dam now reaches 25 km long, with its reservoir capacity increased from 4.3 billion cubic meters to 7 billion cubic meters and its power generation efficiency having risen an additional 40 percent. By providing irrigation to an area of approximately 10 million acres, the project greatly boosts the country’s agriculture, thus playing an important role in regional development and stability. It is another important livelihood project contracted by SINOHYDRO in Sudan.

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