Malaysia, Mersing Laguna Reclamation

Location:  Located in the district of Mersing, Johor, east coast of West Malaysia about 300km away from Kuala Lumpur, and 150km away from Singapore.
Description:  The Malaysia-based Radiant Starfish 22 billion ringgit (HK$57 billion) aims to build a tourist resort including apartments, commercial property and entertainment and tourist facilities, as part of the Malaysian government's plan to develop an east coast economic region along the Malay Peninsula
Work Duration:  36 months
Financier:  owner’s funds

Main designed work quantity: quantity of the filling stone blocks is about 2.3million m³, concrete is about 0.13 million m³, dredging and reclamation with dredging material is about 13.5 million m³, and reclamation with the sand from the sand borrowing area is  about 32 million m³.
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