SINOHYDRO firmly believes that harmony with nature and among people is of paramount value. Such harmony is reflected by people-oriented and environment-friendly policies. Such a business philosophy outlines our core values: Responsiveness, Integrity, Innovation and  Excellence.

To align our business activities with our core values, we commit to the six themes as follow:
Foster a trusting relationship with our customers based on consideration and transparency
As a global contractor, we are fully aware of the social, economic and financial implications of our business and follow the best practice both at home and in our cross-border operations through deliverables that meet customers' needs for quality, safety and sustainability.
Develop positive responsiveness
Particular attention is paid to international practices for business management and operations through a major investment in training to better anticipate changes occurring in our business lines and markets, and to maintain balanced relation with our stakeholders, partners, suppliers and subcontractors.
Safe as a priority 
Implementing a Zero-incident policy by placing an emphasis on safety and health  with strict safety procedures and health protection guidelines and providing training programme for our world-wide business.
Develop employees' skills and promote equal opportunity
Our people-oriented cultureprovides our employees opportunities for career growth. We promote local benefits in terms of jobs and transfer skills in the countries in which we operate. 
Share benefits
SINOHYDRO participates in local community life wherever it operates.
Limit the environmental impact of our activities
As part of the century challenge, we integrate environmental issues into our projects to comply with environmental requirements

We are fully aware that our sustainable development approach will not pay off unless substantiated and verified through sustained efforts of our people, our customers, partners, experts, NGOs and local players. We are proud that we are on the right track and will spare no effort in fulfilling our commitments.