Founded in the early 1950s, SINOHYDRO is originally well known as China’s first brand in hydropower construction, responsible for 65% of the large- and medium-scale hydropower stations in the country. However, after 60 years of expansion and development, SINOHYDRO has become a global enterprise, running diversified businesses from water conservancy and hydropower construction to project financing, design, implementation and operation in almost all kinds of infrastructures such as power, transportation, civil work, mining and real estate.
SINOHYDRO is today a key brand of POWERCHINA — ranked No 253 among the  Fortune Global 500. ENR ranks POWERCHINA No 11 in the Top International Contractors (2015)

SINOHYDRO Corporation limited the international flagship of POWERCHINA has, 5 regional offices abroad in Asia/Pacific, Africa, America, Eurasia and West Asia/North Africa to supervise the market development of 116 overseas offices in over 87  countries.
The dynamic system ensures that SINOHYDRO can provide clients with best-quality one-stop service from project consultancy, financing, survey, design and engineering to construction, fabrication, installation and operation.

The recent decade has witnessed SINOHYDRO' s rapid growth in business revenue, asset volume and asset structure diversification. Currently, SINOHYDRO has 524 international projects  in more than 74 countries, with total contract value of nearly USD 42.50 billion.

SINOHYDRO has a strong corporate cultural identity based on harmony, cohesion and trust, with particular emphases on the global values of good governance, quality, safety, environment protection and social responsibility. Our projects promote local economies and improve people’s lives.