Boasting outstanding expertise in various infrastructure sectors, including water and hydropower facilities, airports, roads, ports and housing projects, SINOHYDRO offers package-solutions through project models from simple construction to EPC and BOT. Currently, SINOHYDRO has 486 international projects under construction in more than 72 countries, with total contract value of nearly USD 43 billion. Many large and mega scale projects built by SINOHYDRO are landmarks in the host countries.

General Construction

Yangtze Three Gorges Project

The Yangtze Three Gorges Project, with a total installed capacity of 32*700MW, is presently the largest hydropower project in the world. Commenced in 1994, the project was fully operational in 2009.As one of the main contractors, SINOHYDRO played an active role in the entire process.

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El Palito Thermoelectric Plant

El Palito Thermoelectric Plant, located in Venezuela, is part of the EPC contract package between SINOHYDRO and owner PDVSA, signed in April 2010. El Palito is designed to have four power units with a total installed capacity of 772MW. By the end of September 2012, two of the units started power generation, greatly improving the country’s longstanding power shortage problem.

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Dali Zhemo Mountain Wind Power Plant

Dali Zhemo Mountain Wind Power Plant, located in China's Yunan province, began power generation at year-end 2008. The green power project was funded partly through SINOHYDRO. With a total installed capacity of 30MW, it is China's first wind power plant built in a high-land area with an average altitude of more than2800m.

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